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5 super ways for the best Selfies one can ever capture...

Keep the lens glass clean.

You might be thinking Oh! Is this what you wanted to tell us. If u take a close look at the photographs you have captured, u can find an oily messy unclean image. Check for finger prints on the lens glass. This comes unknowingly when you touch the glass while using the phone. So before capturing one, always blow air on the glass and wipe the glass with a clean cloth in circular movements for clear and beautiful pictures.

Now a days most of the smart phones available are smart enough to give quality images. Still there are a few tips which can be used for ur pic quality.

for sharpness

Never move away the camera from its capturing position even after clicking the photo. Hold the phone still in the same position for a few seconds more to avoid shake. Hold the breath till you finish the shoot.

Whenever you are into capturing videos hold the phone parallelely and unshaken. Never increase the sharpness of your pictures using an application.

Instead use a computer for better results.

Avoid zooming in

We always capture pictures in' zoom in' if the object is at a distance. Such pictures will never have quality. It is always better to try capturing from as near as possible. If not possible capture the picture without zooming and do crop.

Don't use flash

Try not to use flash lights for beautiful natural effects.

Careful Focusing

Most of the time we forget to do focus and click pictures carelessly. 

Using the touch focus mode make use of the default focus to focus the person or object to be captured before u click.

Most of us forget about this most of the time.

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