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cooking tips

Cooking Hacks

Here are a few hacks to make cooking easier:

Cooking Tips

  • When you make Chapati dough adds a pinch of soda powder (sodium bicarbonate) for softness.
  • When you make batturas add 1 tea spoon rawa for each cup of Maida for crispiness.
  • While frying cutlets, powdered vermicelli can be used in the place of bread crumbs.


Kitchen Tips

  • While making cutlets always take one, dip in egg white, bread crumbs and fry to see of the mixture is in the right consistency. If changes need, do that to the rest of the mixture and then do the final work.
  • When you bake, instead of buttering the pan, use a butter paper on the baking pan for better results.
  • While making pasta, reserve the stalk of it. Use it while preparing the sauce for thickness.
  • Before using baking soda, to make sure it is good, put a pinch of it in half a cup of water. If it has a fizz, it is good.




Cooking Tips

  • Never Add salt to pulses, tubers and cashew nuts untill they are cooked.
  • Never cook vegetables in too much of water. If at all excess water remains, use that water either to make soups or cook potatoes.
  • To cook leafy vegetables and ash gaurd only sprinkle very little quantity of water to cook.
  • For best taste always saute chopped small onions, dry red chillies and curryleaves in crackled mustard seeds to vegetables just before it is served.