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To get rid of stains

  • To get rid of oil stains on clothes apply a little bit of baking soda and rub with a brush. Wash using soap later on.
  • To get rid of ink stains on clothes apply talcum powder with water. Once this mixture has dried rinse with rid water.
  • To get rid of vegetable stains first apply some hot water on the stain. Then scrub some glycerin on it and let it stay for a few minutes.   Then scrub with a sponge dipped in vinegar.
  • To get rid of coffee stains turn the fabric inside out and wash in hot water. For stubborn stains rub glycerin on the stain and wash in hot water.
  • To get rid of blood stains wash the fabric in add water and sprinkle salt on the stain. Once the stain starts to disappear wash with add water and soap.


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