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How to set up a tent?

What is a tent?
Tents are most commonly used by wanderers rather than travellers. They are preferred by people who travel by instinct, have no fixed travel or accommodation plans. For them a tent is a place where they can spend the night in peace. A number of new tents and tent brands are starting to emerge as more people have started to consider camping and tenting as a fashion and passion and as more people are starting to embrace the concept of travelling. Hence it’s important to know what types of tents are available so you can choose the right one to suit your needs and environment. Here are the answers to some of the queries many of you have regarding tents.

Here are a few things to consider before pitching a tent.

Most people prefer cool places to pitch a tent. However reptiles thrive in cool places, so make sure you check your surroundings thoroughly. Unexpected winds can blow in cool areas. Make sure you tie the tent using a rope to a nearby tree and hammer in your tent pegs firmly to the ground .Make sure you do this if you pitch the tent in places where the climate is erratic. Pepper spray – Take a pepper spray with you and spray it around your tent to keep reptiles, insects and dogs away. Not only is a pepper spray cheap it can also be used for self-defence. Make sure you buy a mat with thermo coating. A person who is 6” tall can easily lie on it and is available from Rs.1000.The advantage of such a mat is you can lay on it if your tent is pitched somewhere that is really cold or hot. Que chua brand offer the best mats in Kerala. A tarpaulin sheet is as important as a thermo coat mat. If it’s raining or wet place the sheet on the ground before pitching the tent. The sheet should be as big as your tent. This makes sure your tent remains clean and durable for a long time. When you pitch your tent in unfamiliar places avoid decorating your tent especially with lights as this may attract wild animals and strangers. If you are travelling alone avoid lights in your tent for your safety. Given below are the details of various tents and how to use them.

Basic Ridge Tent – Basic ridge tents are the most commonly found tents and are widely used by backpackers. It is made out of thin nylon cloth and is mainly intended for backpackers. 1 or 2 travellers can sleep inside them.

Dome Tent- As the name suggests it resembles a dome. Even though it is made out of a very thin material it can withstand very strong winds because of its shape. These tents are perfect for group tours, family trips and camping.

Hoop Tent- Out of all the tents available in the market hoop tents are the lightest and most compact. These are suitable for small areas and are preferred by hill climbers. Make sure it’s staked down properly or they will rattle and flap in the wind.

Pop-up Tent – These tents are suggested for those who are trying out tents for the first time. Pop-up tents, as their name suggests, are designed to open up and take shape without construction. They are light weight and are preferred by people heading up to music festivals.

Tunnel Tent- These tents feature a series of curved poles to create a long, tunnel- like structure. They can withstand heavy wind and are suitable for camping with the family.

Cabin Tent- These tents are suitable for people who travel in cars. They can be set up near or on to of cars. Inflatable tent- These tents are set up using a pump or by blowing air into them. They are heavy and expensive, but can be set up in a jiffy.

Frame Tent- These kinds of tents are set up for long term use. Frame tents are set up with heavy steel rods and are widely used for family camping and tour camping that normally goes on for days.

Tarp Tent- Solo backpackers prefer tarp tents as they are small and come with bug netting and a surface to sleep. Check the weather conditions of the place you’ll be camping before you buy this tent.

Bell Tent- The bell tent has a simple structure, supported by a single central pole and covered with cotton canvas. It is suitable for day time camping.

Instant or quick pitch Tent- It is suitable for those who want a quick rest after a long day of camping. These tents feature integrate poles that collapse and open up in minutes. They are suitable for normal weather conditions. Geodesic Tent- Suitable for hard core adventurer’s geodesic tents can withstand any rough weather. It is designed in such a way to cope heavy snow and rain. If your dream is to scale Mount Everest this tent is perfect for you.

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