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  • Plan your ride in such a way so you will reach your destination before its dark
  • Always carry a backup cell phone. If you are travelling to a place with low cell phone reception let your friends and family know in advance.
  • If you are travelling to a seduded area is a forest try and get a route map when you book the place.
  • When riding make sure all the group members are equally paced.
  • Carry a toolkit with you. Collect the details of petrol pumps and workshops that youil come across on the way
  • Take a first aid kit, sleeping bag drinking water and light snacks
  • The bike rider and person sitting behind must always wear a helmet
  • Take 2 sim cards from different mobile operators. This is to ensure you have access to any one mobile network at all times.
  • Its always better to travel in groups.
  • Choose a team leader before you begin your ride. All group members should listen to the instructions given by the group leader
  • Make sure you have your insurance papers and other important documents
  • Tubeless tires are preferable. Learn how to fix a punctured tyre
  • Try to learn how to fix minor glitches
  • Carry adequate safety measures like a pepper spray learn how to use them correctly
  • If you are a person who enjoys long bike rides, choose a bike that would suit this requirement
  • When gaing on long bike rides keep your luggage light weight and pack only essential items
  • If you have long hair secure it before wearing your helmet. This makes sure your hair doesn’t get in the way while driving
  • You should be prepared to face different types of whether conditions. Carry a raincoat and rain cover to cover your luggage
  • Taking a break is equally important for you and your bike. Schedule breaks between your rides
  • Avoid heavy foods
  • Try to enjoy your bike ride to the fullest and pay attention to everything as you travel. Enjoy riding
  • Things to watch out if you take medicines regularly
  • Forgetting to take medication & taking the wrong medicine are frequent thing that happen if you are someone who consumes medicines on a regular basis
  • Make a list of medications you take
  • Set an alarm on your phone if you forget to take medicines.
  • Do not keep your medicines in wet, moist places. Store your medicine in the fridge only if your doctor advises you to do so
  • If you are taking a certain medicine on a regular basis consult your doctor every 3-4 months & ask him whether it is advisable to change/stop that medicine  
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