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Acidity Prevention and Cure

  • Acidity is a common problem seen in about 90% of the people nowadays. There are lot of reasons that cause acidity. It can be due to wrong eating habit or as a side effect of disease.
  • Eating a banana as soon as a discomfort due to acidity starts will give a temporary relief to it. Drinking lots of water is good. Half a glass of milk with half a glass of water is good at bed time.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and bottled and tinned food and drinks.
  • Never drink soda when there is acidity. Many people do that which will only increase the discomfort.

Cholesterol and diet control

Cholesterol can be controlled through diet control.


  • Say No to ice creams and chocolates. If your child insists for one ensure they are of good quality.
  • Have a hot salt water gargle every night before going to bed. If done regularly might help you save from even a surgery.
  • Make a mixture of ginger and garlic with honey and have this every morning and evening before food.
  • Avoid anything cold.
  • Tonsillitis is a common disease. If not treated on time it might give way to knee joints pain, heart diseases, kidney diseases etc.



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sweets and blood pressure

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beet root

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smoking kills

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Avoid Medicine

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Non Stick

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